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Arcadeshop will close its doors...

Arcadeshop will close its doors...

for health reasons. Please only order goods which are currently in stock.

I am selling the complete remaining stock at once. Please make an offer to for at least 2000 Euros. The total value of goods is 17 k cost price and approx 40 k retail price. Please let me know if you need a detailed list of stock.

I will auction the domains *.at and *.ch at a later date.
The more you want

The more you want

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How high can you get?

How high can you get?

To start our Arcade quiz click on the picture bar rightmost. To grab and put this game into your own website simply copy and paste the source code from this small script and change the colors as you like it.
  Balltop AB-35, red metallic  

Balltop AB-35, red metallic
  Shaft LS-32, hollow  

Shaft LS-32, hollow
  Fingerboard 22 x 22  

Fingerboard 22 x 22
  Converter: CGA to Video  

Converter: CGA to Video

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