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     Interlock Switch, 1-pole 

    Interlock Switch, 1-pole

    Doorswitch with 3 pins (one pole only). Electric circuit can be closed by push or pull. Breadth of terminals: 6.3 mm (.250 inch).... more
     Tehkan Classic Adapter 

    Tehkan Classic Adapter

    The Tehkan Classic Jamma Adapter enables every TV amusement machine based on the Jamma standard to playback PCBs made by Tehkan containing following games: Bomb Jack (obser... more
     7-pin Lock, 32 mm, alike 

    7-pin Lock, 32 mm, alike

    7-pin tumbler lock made of chromed brass with straight cam and round key. If locked, key is ejected by smooth spring action. All locks are keyed alike. Length of corpus: 32... more
     Cable Clamp 0.312 

    Cable Clamp 0.312"

    White plastic cable clamp for bundling and fixing of one or more cables with an overall diameter of maximum 5/16 inch (7.9 mm). Included are: a bag of 100 cable clamps.... more
     Case Feet, 40x6 mm, Al 

    Case Feet, 40x6 mm, Al

    Set of 4 nylon feet with aluminium shell 0.4 mm (0.016 inch) thick. For use with typical arcade controllers and any common medium sized control panels. EVA foam padded to r... more
     Connector 28 x 28 

    Connector 28 x 28

    Jamma edge connector with 56 pins (2 rows, 28 pins each row). Used to connect printed circuit game boards with an amusement machine. Gilt contacts, numbered and alphabetise... more
     Leg Leveler 

    Leg Leveler

    Leg Leveler with nut and mounting plate. For reduction of noises and vibrations bottom part is filled with rubber. Length of thread: 85 mm (3.35 inch), total length: 110 mm... more
     PCB Mounting Feet 

    PCB Mounting Feet

    Set of 4 PCB mounting feet to fix any arcade PCB and improve cooling. Included are: 4 feet, 8 screws (4 machine and 4 wood screws).... more
     Card Rocksteady, DIN A6 

    Card Rocksteady, DIN A6

    Instruction Card designed by LowRez. With blanks to be filled with your individual gaming commands. Measures: 105 mm wide (4.134 inch), 148 mm high (5.827 inch), Quality: 3... more
     PacDrive (off) 

    PacDrive (off)

    Driver board for up to 16 standard LEDs or solenoids, no additional power required (supplied via USB connection). Output voltage: 5 volt, total current: 500 mA. Full suppor... more
     Sub-Miniature Switch 

    Sub-Miniature Switch

    Sub-Miniature microswitch as used in our smaller illuminated pushbuttons or the Redball Ministick. Breadth of terminals: 2.8 mm (.110 inch).... more
     Seimitsu Switch, PS-14G 

    Seimitsu Switch, PS-14G

    Genuine Seimitsu brand momentary microswitch as used in Japanese style arcade pushbuttons like PS-14-G, PS-14-GN, PS-14-GN-CP and PS-14-KN. Breadth of terminals: 2.8 mm (.1... more
     Female QD 0.250 

    Female QD 0.250"

    Female push on connector made of tinned brass, non-insulated. Breadth: 6.3 mm (0.250 inch), thickness: 0.8 mm (0.031 inch). For use with wire cross sections from 0.5 to 2 m... more
     Rocker Switch SDW-5A, red 

    Rocker Switch SDW-5A, red

    Mini rocker switch with red LED illumination. Maximal load: 10 Amp at 125 Volt (accordingly 5 Amp at 250 Volt). Breadth of switch terminals: 4.8 mm (0.187 inch), LED-termi... more
     Female QD 0.187 

    Female QD 0.187"

    Female push on connector made of tinned brass, non-insulated. Breadth: 4.8 mm (0.187 inch), thickness: 0.5 mm (0.02 inch). For use with wire cross sections from 0.5 to 1.25... more
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