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     Table Angle 

    Table Angle

    Fixes some kinds of overlays and (for example) protects corners of your particle board based controller. Made of stainless steel. Thickness: 0.5 mm (0.02"), lenght of arms:... more
     7-pin Lock, 27 mm, alike 

    7-pin Lock, 27 mm, alike

    7-pin tumbler lock made of chromed brass with straight cam and round key. If locked, key is ejected by smooth spring action. All locks are keyed alike. Length of corpus: 27... more
     Flip-over Ashtray 

    Flip-over Ashtray

    Flipable ashtray made of heat-resistant plastics for installation with pinballs and arcade cabinets. To empty simply pull and flip. Breadth: 90 mm, height: 60 mm, depth: 45... more
     Cabinet Handle, open 

    Cabinet Handle, open

    Molded black plastic handle for easy moving and improved venting. Outside dimensions: 60 mm x 147 mm, inner dimensions: 37 mm x 105 mm, installation depth: 50 mm. More inf... more
     Fingerboard 22 x 22 

    Fingerboard 22 x 22

    44-pole fingerboard connector with 22 pins on each side, numbered and alphabetised. Pitch: 3.97 mm (0.156 inch).... more
     Button Switch, 0.187 

    Button Switch, 0.187"

    Standard microswitch as used for most kinds of arcade pushbuttons and several illuminated pushbuttons. Breath of terminals: 4.8 mm (.187 inch).... more
     Table Angle - round 

    Table Angle - round

    Fixes the cover of your cocktail video cabinet. Made of stainless steel. Thickness: 1 mm (0.04 inch), Radius of curvature: 10 mm (0.394 inch), length of arms: 42 mm (1.654 ... more
     Female QD 0.110 

    Female QD 0.110"

    Female push on connector made of tinned brass, non-insulated. Breadth: 2.8 mm (0.110 inch), thickness: 0.5 mm (0.02 inch). For use with wire cross sections from 0.2 to 0.5 ... more
     Air Grille 

    Air Grille

    Net made of lacquered iron for covering of apertures or speakers. Measurement: 100 x 100 mm (3.94 x 3.94 inch).... more
     Joystick Switch, long 

    Joystick Switch, long

    Standard microswitch as used for most kinds of joysticks. Breadth of terminals: 4.8 mm (.187 inch), length of lever: 27 mm (1.07 inch).... more
     Carrying Handle, black 

    Carrying Handle, black

    Molded black plastic handle for easy moving. Outside dimensions: 65 mm x 153 mm, inner dimensions: 34 mm x 108 mm, installation depth: 45 mm. More information: Details and... more
     Rocker Switch SDW-5A, red 

    Rocker Switch SDW-5A, red

    Mini rocker switch with red LED illumination. Maximal load: 10 Amp at 125 Volt (accordingly 5 Amp at 250 Volt). Breadth of switch terminals: 4.8 mm (0.187 inch), LED-termi... more
     Card Pixelworld, DIN A6 

    Card Pixelworld, DIN A6

    Instruction Card designed by LowRez. With blanks to be filled with your individual gaming commands. Measures: 105 mm wide (4.134 inch), 148 mm high (5.827 inch), Quality: 3... more
     USB Charger Socket 

    USB Charger Socket

    Dual socket USB charger which looks alike a pushbutton. Input: 7.5V ~ 28V DC. Output: 5V 5% 1A and 2.1A DC. Mounting Diameter: 29.9 mm (1.18 inch). RoHS compliant.... more
     Wedge Base Lamp, T 1.5, 12 V 

    Wedge Base Lamp, T 1.5, 12 V

    Glass lamp for use in illuminated pushbuttons or pinball machines and similar. Operating voltage: 12 V, output: 1.2 W, breadth: 5 mm (0.197 inch). This product is for repla... more
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