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     Rocker Switch SDW-5A, red 

    Rocker Switch SDW-5A, red

    Mini rocker switch with red LED illumination. Maximal load: 10 Amp at 125 Volt (accordingly 5 Amp at 250 Volt). Breadth of switch terminals: 4.8 mm (0.187 inch), LED-termi... more
     Coin Switch 

    Coin Switch

    Coin insertion switch with 80 mm (3.15") straight wire actuator that can be easily formed to any shape. Breadth of terminals: 4.8 mm (.187 inch).... more
     Token Mech, 3.5 

    Token Mech, 3.5"

    Built-in drop-insert token mech for coins with a diameter up to 31 mm (1.22 inch), made in the EU, size 3 1/2". With anti-stringing protection, but without any scanning for... more
     Coin Mech, 3.5 

    Coin Mech, 3.5", 1 EUR

    Heavy-duty precise mechanical built-in coin selector for 1-EUR-coins (drop-insert), made in the EU, size 3 1/2". Suitable for business purposes, with anti-stringing protect... more
     Opti-PAC (USB) 

    Opti-PAC (USB)

    The Opti-PAC (Optical Interface for Pc to Arcade Controls) is an interface for connecting optical-type arcade control devices like trackballs and spinners to a PC. Supports... more
     Coin Door 343x298, 1-Entry 

    Coin Door 343x298, 1-Entry

    Pinball coin door suitable for all mechanical and electronic 3.5" built-in coin-acceptor units. Manufactured in the EU. Made of steel with hammerite finish and die cast alu... more
     Counter, 2x7 digits 

    Counter, 2x7 digits

    Counter mechanism with 2 x 7 digits for use in amusement and vending machines. With reset function and auto memory. Counts 2 separate signals at once. Operating voltage: 4.... more
     Coin Reject Button 

    Coin Reject Button

    Complete coin reject button for all coin doors made by ILSA and Happ. Color: Orange, without inlay. Made in the EU.... more
     Sticker 100 Yen pp 

    Sticker 100 Yen pp

    Sticker made by Seimitsu. Shows the cost of 100 Yen per play. Measurement: 65 mm x 40 mm (2.56 x 1.575 inch). Color: black font, matte silver surface.... more
     Rocker Switch, DPST, 10 A 

    Rocker Switch, DPST, 10 A

    Double-pole power switch with small black mounting plate. Withstands up to 10 amp at 250 volts max. Dimension: 40 x 60 mm (1.575 x 2.362 inch). Connection: 6.3 mm (0.250 in... more
     J-PAC, USB 

    J-PAC, USB

    The new J-PAC (JAMMA interface for PC to Arcade Controls) is fully protected against static discharge and reverse connection. The J-PAC allows plug-in connection of a JAMMA... more
     I-PAC 4, USB 

    I-PAC 4, USB

    56-Input button and joystick switch interface (keyboard encoder with 56 direct inputs, several more reachable by courtesy of shift function). Does not use a matrix, there's... more
     Power Supply 110W, 5/12/-5V 

    Power Supply 110W, 5/12/-5V

    Switching power supply for arcade machines with an overall output of 110 Watt, LED voltage indicator and overload / overvoltage protection. Supplies 15 A at +5 V, 2.5 A at ... more
     Converter: VGA to CGA 

    Converter: VGA to CGA

    Converts VGA signals (640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 pixel) into a CGA signal (15.7 kHz, CSync), Composite Video or S-Video (observe jumper settings). With 6 buttons for pos... more
     Transformer MW2P300 

    Transformer MW2P300

    Transportable voltage converter serving a maximal load of 300 watt. For use of US and Japanese devices in European national grids. Input: 220 volt, output: 110 volt. Dimens... more
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