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     Mini-PAC Opti 

    Mini-PAC Opti

    The Mini-PAC is a revolutionary combined Joystick-Switch-Trackball-Spinner Interface with complete wiring harness: 28 direct inputs, several more reachable by courtesy of s... more
     Coin Reject Button 

    Coin Reject Button

    Complete coin reject button for all coin doors made by ILSA and Happ. Color: Orange, without inlay. Made in the EU.... more
     Counter, 2x7 digits 

    Counter, 2x7 digits

    Counter mechanism with 2 x 7 digits for use in amusement and vending machines. With reset function and auto memory. Counts 2 separate signals at once. Operating voltage: 4.... more
     Coin Mech, 3.5 

    Coin Mech, 3.5", 1 EUR

    Heavy-duty precise mechanical built-in coin selector for 1-EUR-coins (drop-insert), made in the EU, size 3 1/2". Suitable for business purposes, with anti-stringing protect... more
     Converter: CGA to Video 

    Converter: CGA to Video

    Converts CGA signal (RGB, 15 kHz) into Video (RCA jack) and S-Video (mini-DIN connector) - switchable to PAL or NTSC format. With 3 potentiometers (R-G-B) for colour adjust... more
     J-PAC, USB 

    J-PAC, USB

    The new J-PAC (JAMMA interface for PC to Arcade Controls) is fully protected against static discharge and reverse connection. The J-PAC allows plug-in connection of a JAMMA... more
     Rotary Stick Interface 

    Rotary Stick Interface

    This board connects two rotary 12-position switch joysticks e.g. the Happ Controls Rotary Joystick (50-5618-00) or the Seimitsu LS-30 (originally used in Ikari Warriors) to... more
     Coin Door 250x220 

    Coin Door 250x220

    Small coin door suitable for our coin comparator and coin plates. Made of steel with hammerite finish. The "Coin"-insert can be swapped from the back of the door. Outer mea... more
     Rocker Switch, DPST, 10 A 

    Rocker Switch, DPST, 10 A

    Double-pole power switch with small black mounting plate. Withstands up to 10 amp at 250 volts max. Dimension: 40 x 60 mm (1.575 x 2.362 inch). Connection: 6.3 mm (0.250 in... more
     Coin Mech, Front, 2 EUR 

    Coin Mech, Front, 2 EUR

    High-precision mechanical coin selector with front plate, for 2-EUR-coins. Made in the EU. Suitable for business purposes, including anti-stringing protection, washer catch... more
     Counter, 6 digits 

    Counter, 6 digits

    Counter mechanism with 6 digits for use in amusement and vending machines. Max. clock speed: 18 cps. Needs an operating voltage of 12 V.... more
     USB Charger Socket 

    USB Charger Socket

    Dual socket USB charger which looks alike a pushbutton. Input: 7.5V ~ 28V DC. Output: 5V 5% 1A and 2.1A DC. Mounting Diameter: 29.9 mm (1.18 inch). RoHS compliant.... more
     Token Mech, 3.5 

    Token Mech, 3.5"

    Built-in drop-insert token mech for coins with a diameter up to 31 mm (1.22 inch), made in the EU, size 3 1/2". With anti-stringing protection, but without any scanning for... more
     Plug with filter 

    Plug with filter

    Plug with filter. Operating voltage: 115/240 V, frequency: 50/60 Hz, working temperature: -25 C up to +85 C. Resists a surge of 1450 V for one minute. Certified by VDE, C... more
     Coin Plate, Steel, 2 EUR 

    Coin Plate, Steel, 2 EUR

    Mechanical coin acceptor with coin reject button and stainless steel front plate. Preset for use with 2-Euro-coins. The mechanism validates coins by diameter and thickness.... more
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