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     Token Mech, 3.5 

    Token Mech, 3.5"

    Built-in drop-insert token mech for coins with a diameter up to 31 mm (1.22 inch), made in the EU, size 3 1/2". With anti-stringing protection, but without any scanning for... more
     Coin Mech, 3.5 

    Coin Mech, 3.5", 2 EUR

    Heavy-duty precise mechanical built-in coin selector for 2-EUR-coins (drop-insert), made in the EU, size 3 1/2". Suitable for business purposes, with anti-stringing protect... more
     Coin Comparator 

    Coin Comparator

    Electronic coin selector with coin reject lever and die-cast front plate. Unsuitable for business purposes. Simplest handling due to a coin selection based on a comparative... more
     1P USB-Interface 

    1P USB-Interface

    17-Input button and joystick switch interface (keyboard encoder). Works with PC (Win8/Win7/Vista/XP/2000/98, Linux), PS3, Mac and Raspberry Pi. Included are: Encoder, an US... more
     Coin Door 343x298, 1-Entry 

    Coin Door 343x298, 1-Entry

    Pinball coin door suitable for all mechanical and electronic 3.5" built-in coin-acceptor units. Manufactured in the EU. Made of steel with hammerite finish and die cast alu... more
     Coin Plate, Steel, 0.5 EUR 

    Coin Plate, Steel, 0.5 EUR

    Mechanical coin acceptor with coin reject button and stainless steel front plate. Preset for use with 50-Eurocent-coins. The mechanism validates coins by diameter and thick... more
     Speaker, 5 Watt 

    Speaker, 5 Watt

    Typical speaker for Arcade cabinets. Power: 5 Watt, resistor: 8 Ohm, diameter: 102 mm (4.016 inch). Breadth of terminals: 4.8 mm (0.189 inch).... more
     Toggle Switch, DPST, 10 A 

    Toggle Switch, DPST, 10 A

    Double-pole power switch with status label ON/OFF. Withstands up to 10 amp at 250 volts max. Dimension: 33.5 x 19 mm (1.319 x 0.748 inch), M12 thread. Connection: screw ter... more
     Power Supply 110W, 5/12/-5V 

    Power Supply 110W, 5/12/-5V

    Switching power supply for arcade machines with an overall output of 110 Watt, LED voltage indicator and overload / overvoltage protection. Supplies 15 A at +5 V, 2.5 A at ... more
     USB Charger Socket 

    USB Charger Socket

    Dual socket USB charger which looks alike a pushbutton. Input: 7.5V ~ 28V DC. Output: 5V 5% 1A and 2.1A DC. Mounting Diameter: 29.9 mm (1.18 inch). RoHS compliant.... more
     Cash Door 250x220 

    Cash Door 250x220

    Small cash door made of steel with hammerite finish. Outer measures: 250 mm wide, 220 mm high (9.84 x 8.66 inch); mounting measures: 218 mm wide, 188 mm high (8.58 x 7.40 i... more
     Coin Mech, Front, 0.5 EUR 

    Coin Mech, Front, 0.5 EUR

    High-precision mechanical coin selector with front plate, for 0.50-EUR-coins. Made in the EU. Suitable for business purposes, including anti-stringing protection, washer ca... more
     AVGA Video Amplifier 

    AVGA Video Amplifier

    Standalone video amplifier which converts the 1 Volt output from a VGA card into a 5 Volts video RGB signal required by most arcade monitors. This amp is designed to be con... more
     Opti-PAC (serial) 

    Opti-PAC (serial)

    Includes the Opti-PAC and one cable for wiring to the serial port. Supports active high and active low devices. Enables wiring of 2 trackballs or up to 4 spinners to your A... more


    Video games which only support 2 or 4 channels are difficult to control with a joystick which has 8 switching positions. The superfluous signals lead to faltering or stucki... more
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