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The following terms and conditions apply to all business relations (including future relations) between and the customer. reserves the right to update and change, from time to time, these terms and conditions and all documents incorporated by reference. Engaging in business relations with after such changes constitutes acceptance of those changes. Alternative conditions are only valid when confirmed in writing by

1 Termination of Contract
All offers made by are non-binding. The sales contract is concluded when we confirm the order and/or through the delivery and subsequent acceptance of the order. holds the right to terminate the contract due to spelling errors, misprints, and calculation errors on the website.

2 Rights of Cancellation
You reserve the right to cancel the contract within fourteen (14) days after receipt of your order, unless you are acting as corporate client. Notification of cancellation must be sent within this time. Please email us with your order number in the "Subject" heading at:! A copy of the receipt must accompany each returned order. The customer is responsible for shipping costs. In the event the customer is returning damaged goods, the legally permissible amount will be used as indemnification according to the value of the goods. The customer can avoid this by submitting the goods to an examination as could similarly be expected in a department or retail store location; the articles must be returned in good condition, without signs of use, and in their original packaging. These rights do not extend to the furnishing of articles and goods that were made according to customer specifications.

3 Delivery
Insofar as the information provided is correct, the order will be sent directly to the address indicated by the customer. Responsibility for the ordered articles becomes the customer's upon delivery; this includes incomplete or partial delivery. The delivery period is nonbinding if not obligatorily guaranteed by In the event a delivery is returned to as the result of an incorrect or incomplete address as indicated by the customer, will only attempt to re-send the order when the customer concerned provides the correct address es well as the forwarding expenses for the most valid high priority delivery service as specified by the country, state, or region indicated in the shipping address. The customer is also responsible for expenses incurred if the value of the goods ordered surpasses the amount allowed for free forwarding service. Alternatively, the customer is entitled to request a refund for the payment of the order, less a handling charge of five Euros (€5).

4 Payments Due and Delay
Full payment, without withdrawal of cash discounts, is immediately due. The customer may make payment via debit charge, money transfer, or COD charge. Debit payments will be withdrawn from the customer's bank account after the order has been received. In the event the customer is unable to make immediate payment, holds the right to demand interest payments of up to 4% over the current interest rates as calculated by the German Federal Reserve Bank. If a higher default payment is demonstrably due, is entitled to enforce such a payment. In the event incurs additional costs due to an unsuccessful withdrawal of funds via debit payment, holds the right to place the customer responsible for such costs, as well as a service charge of 5 Euros (€5).

5 Compensation and Retention
Customers are entitled to compensation or retention only when the requirements are validly established and recognized by

6 Retention of Title
Until the customer has fulfilled all payments and obligations, the supplied commodity remains the property of

7 Product Guarantee and Liability
In the event a product is defective or damaged, the customer is entitled to request either defect removal or product replacement. If is unable to provide such services, or if an unreasonable delay in service occurs, the customer holds the right to withdraw from the contract or to request an appropriate reduction of the purchase price. Acceptance of articles indicates acceptance of responsibility for such articles, and is not liable for damage incurred after delivery and use of the product, regardless of perceived legal justifications. is therefore not responsible for damage not directly related to the article(s); in particular, is not responsible for profit loss or other financial injury incurred by the customer. Given the limited liability of, this also applies to any employees, representatives or executors of the customer. The aforementioned limitations of liability do not apply in the event of damage caused either by intent or extreme negligence. The same holds true if the customer makes claims in accordance with 1, 4 of the Product Liability Act, inadequacy of the product, or damage claims resulting from malfeasance in accordance with 463, 480, paragraph 2 of the BGB. Limitations apply to the liability to pay compensation for damages incurred in the event that neglects to observe any contractual obligations. The legal time period for this guarantee is two years, starting from devolution of claims. This is a period of limitation, and applies to entitlement to damages insofar as no unauthorized or illegal demands are made.

8 Privacy and Security adheres to all principles and regulations of the Federal Data Security Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz BDSG) as well as the Online Data Security Act (Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz TDDSG). All personal information provided by the customer will only be used in accordance with these laws. utilizes personal information for business purposes only. In order to minimize the risk of loss, is entitled to assess the creditworthiness of the customer. This credit check is performed by an external service provider, who is strictly prohibited from sharing or providing personal information to others. All personal data may be amended or removed by sending an email with your request to:

9 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
German law applies. Customers agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Leipzig regarding all contractual disputes with is also entitled to hold the customer liable within their own area of jurisdiction.

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